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In 1990, Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act. This act affords people with disabilities protection from discrimination based on their disabilities. Part of the act requires all public accommodations, including parking lots, to meet certain accessibility requirements. At National Pavement, we provide ADA-compliant asphalt and pavement marking services.

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Let National Pavement help you stay ADA compliant.

Complying with ADA parking requirements is the law and accessibility to buildings starts in the parking lot. In order to be compliant, the parking lot will need to have a minimum number of accessible spaces, which are determined by the number of total spaces in the lot. Your parking lot must also have curb cuts for wheelchair access onto sidewalks, as well as properly pitched ramps and railings.

National Pavement can help your business with ADA compliance with by properly marking the areas of your location that require regulation.

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There are a number of things to consider to ensure that your business is in full ADA compliance. For starters, you must have an adequate number of accessible parking spaces as determined by the size of your parking lot or the needs of your visitors. When ensuring your lot is ADA compliant, we pay special attention to the way the asphalt is laid as well as the markings.

When making a parking lot accessible, there are five main areas to be aware of:

  • Required Number of Handicapped Parking Spaces
  • Parking Space Dimensions
  • Signage
  • Pavement Markings
  • Pavement Slope

Required Number of Parking Spaces

The number of parking spaces required by the ADA depends on the number of total spaces in your lot. For parking lots with less than 25 spaces, at least one spot must be designated as a handicapped parking space. You can learn more about the number of required spaces in the ADA Compliance Brief.

Handicapped Parking Space Dimensions

The ADA require handicapped accessible parking spaces for passenger vehicle to be a minimum of 8 feet wide, while van-accessible spaces are required to be a minimum of 11 feet wide.

Spaces must have access aisles that are a minimum of 5 feet wide (parking spaces may share access aisles). These access aisles give extra room for individuals that use vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts and/or mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers.

ADA Compliant Parking Lot Signage

Each handicapped accessible space must be designated by a sign at least 60 inches (5 feet) off the ground with the international symbol for accessibility printed on it. Contrary to popular belief, it is not legally required for this symbol to be painted on the pavement. Your municipality may have additional requirements for signage. At National Pavement, we always familiarize ourselves with local requirements so you can be sure your parking lot is both ADA compliant and locally compliant.

Handicap Parking Space Painting Requirements

The access aisles next to accessible parking stalls must be hash marked in a contrasting color to indicate it is not a parking space.

ADA guidelines do not specify a color that handicapped parking spots must use, they only state that it must contrast the parking surface. Your municipality may have color requirements, like yellow or blue. Before painting, we check your municipality’s requirements to ensure your parking lot is within their regulations.

ADA Parking Space Slope Requirements

Parking surfaces in the accessible spaces and access aisles must be firm, slip-resistant, and level. The ADA allows a slope up to 1/48 inch. Your curb ramps cannot extend into the access aisles or parking spaces because their slope is greater than 1/48 of an inch.

These are just a few of the regulations and considerations with ADA parking lot compliance. Let National Pavement ensure your parking lot is compliant so your business is accessible to everyone.

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We help companies across America with ADA compliance.

Meet all the ADA parking lot requirements

National Pavement provides ADA compliance and paving services all across the United States. When you work with us, you are receiving more than just outstanding service. We have served some of America’s largest brands such as Walgreens, Lowe’s, and Walmart, but provide the same quality and customer service to small businesses as well.

Whether you are a retailer, restaurant, or property owner throughout the United States, working with National Pavement ensures that you are working with a company with integrity.

ADA Compliance FAQ’s

There are several government agencies that regulate and enforce ADA Compliance such as the U.S Department of Labor, the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S Department of Transportation, the U.S Department of Justice, as well as a variety of other government groups.

The ADA requires that handicap accessible parking spaces have the correct width in order to provide users with the space they need to get in and out safely. For a passenger vehicle the parking space must be at least 8 feet wide, but for van-accessible parking spaces it must be at least 11 feet wide.

Access aisles are required for ADA compliant parking spaces as these 5 foot zones provide adequate space for vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts or mobility aids such as walkers, crutches, or wheelchairs to be deployed. The access aisles can be shared with adjacent parking spaces as long as the 5 foot zone requirement is met.

The total number of ADA compliant handicap parking spaces that are required varies depending on how large the total parking lot is. If there are less than 25 total parking spaces, then the lot is required to have at least 1 ADA compliant spot. However, as the parking lot gets larger, so does the required amount of handicap-accessible parking spaces. To figure out how many ADA compliant parking spaces your business needs you can read the ADA Compliance brief on the ADA government website.

For a parking space to be properly designated a handicap-accessible space it must have the universally recognized sign of accessibility, which is a blue and white image of an individual in a wheelchair. The sign must also be at least 5 feet tall in order to be easily seen for individuals in need of a handicap-accessible parking.

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