Paving Contractors In the Midatlantic

Paving and Asphalt services in the Midatlantic including Maryland,
the Carolinas, and Washington D.C.

National Paving

National Pavement provides full-service paving and asphalt services to states across the Midatlantic. The expert paving contractors on our team have worked with businesses large and small to fulfill their paving needs. National Pavement has been dedicated to providing unmatched customer service with every asphalt or paving job that we complete. National Pavement offers the best paving solutions to the cities and towns across the Midatlantic US.

Asphalt Overlays & Milling

An asphalt overlay is an effective method of restoring the faded look that your asphalt service once had. Not only is this service a way to provide a new look, but an asphalt overlay eliminates tripping hazards, bumps, and holes to prevent any liabilities from occurring at your parking lot.

Paving Marking Services

Pavement markings can help make your parking lot function smoothly and are an important factor when trying to make your parking lot run more efficiently. Our pavement marking service provides your surface with entrance and exit marks, designated parking areas, and much more. We also offer ADA compliant markings for fire lanes and handicap parking spaces.

Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

Asphalt repair services can cover a large umbrella of solutions for your asphalt surface. Our asphalt repair services help to rebuild the integrity of the foundation of your surface, while also repair broken and damaged asphalt.

Concrete Maintenance

We take pride in being a top-rated paving company that services cities the midatlantic. Our paving contractors cover a lot of territory, which allows us to offer complete asphalt & paving solutions to more cities in the region.

ADA Compliance Services

ADA compliant parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, and pitched ramps are required for business parking lots. Our paving contractors can ensure that you meet all compliance standards so that your business does not get flagged for having an improper structure parking lot.

Crack Sealing & Seal Coating

A cost-effective way to extend the use out of your asphalt is through asphalt crack sealing. Filling in large cracks, divots, or craters of your asphalt surface can help keep out moisture, which breaks down the integrity of your asphalt. Filling in cracks in your asphalt surface also helps to provide a smooth surface for vehicles to drive over and for pedestrians to walk on.

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